Droidcon India 2013

What's your thinking on Android this year?

Shyamala Prayaga


Futuristic Android Design - Thinking beyond the Present

Submitted Aug 2, 2013

  • Getting to know Android Design and where it came from
  • Getting to see Future of Android Design which would help forsee the future trends and help everyone develop and design beyond the UI patterns which we keep referring to
  • Food for thought for entrepreneurs who wish to design and develop some innovative, out of the box apps ideas.


We have been listening, reading and talking a lot about various mobile applications across various platforms. From the first Nokia application to iOS and Android apps, mobile application design have gone beyond leaps and bounds, setting various trends across.

With the launch of various versions of Android OS in last couple of years, we have seen android design going through lot of puberty and design getting matured day by day.

Android design has come a long way, sweeping away all the challenges multiple screen size support being one of the major challenge. What next?

Are we not curious to know future of Android Design? In this session I would talk about the same topic and would like to present some futuristic Android Design trends which I foresee.

I would present a very interactive session, which would be bundled with lot of learning for designers, developers and entrepreneurs planning to carve their way towards android design & development.


Basic Android knowledge

Speaker bio

Passionate user experience evangelists who eats, breathes and live UX. Equally passionate about Android and Android Design...


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