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Balasubrahmanyam Pillalamarri


Delighting customers with better “performing” apps

Submitted Oct 9, 2013

With this increased versatility, as a mobile application tester, it is becoming necessary to keep in mind not only the mobile functional elements at play, but more importantly the mobile nonfunctional elements when determining the test scope. Processing power and resources on a mobile device are typically lower compared to PCs and Mac computers; however, mobile device usage numbers have been soaring.

This poses an interesting challenge from a mobile nonfunctional testing standpoint. Some core elements to consider here include performance, security, usability and accessibility test areas.

On the performance side, mobile performance testing is still challenging to the extent of how do you simulate load through mobile devices. Testers need to keep in mind that the load on the server is what really matters, and when it comes to mobile devices, the rendering time is what is most important. This needs to be adequately tested, benchmarked, and profiled to ensure acceptable performance for end users.

From a security angle, mobile payments are on the rise. While there is an increasing belief that mobile payments may be safer than bank cards, it does not rule out chances for mobile security attacks. It is important to be cognizant of the threats prevalent in this space and build them into the testing scope.

Nonfunctional testing has all of a sudden become even more important with the rise in mobile computing. The scope it provides diversifies testing opportunities, making the tester’s job even more end user scenario driven while adding a very practical dimension to the testing discipline.


We plan to address some of the testing challenges of non-functional aspects of mobile applications namely, performance, memory analysis and security using open source technologies.

We’d like to demo the SDK tools that can be used as non-functional enablers for Quality engineers.

Speaker bio

Ramabrahmam Kataru is Lead Software Engineer at Intuit India. Rambrahmam has extensive experience in Mobile (Android and iOS), Web and Desktop automation tools such as Robotium , FoneMonkey, SilkTest etc. He also has experience in developing automation frameworks using Java and Shell Scripting. He has been leading QA efforts for Android and iOS apps at Intuit. He has built automation frameworks for Android and iOS, effectively integrating various non-functional tools. He has worked with HP, TIBCO and BEA Systems during his career. Ramabrahmam has close to 10 years experience and holds a Master in Computer Application.

Balasubrahmanyam Pillalamarri has 11+ yrs of professional experience in QA & Testing and currently working as Staff Software Quality Engineer in the QuickBooks Online Android team. He worked with reputed organizations like Symphony Services, Bangalore and Intel, Bangalore. His professional experience includes work on various domains that include instant messaging, Wireless Networking, Personal finance, small business accounting and Telecom Cost Management. He has presented and published papers and articles at various internal and external conferences.


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