Droidcon India 2013

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How we built 3 apps in 3 days

Submitted by Anenth Guru (@anenth) on Monday, 28 October 2013

Section: App Demos Technical level: Beginner


As a beginner, getting a full picture of App ideation/development cycle is very important. I hope to throw some light on this entire process, with help of an app that was developed by us in a short span of time.


In the recently held Bangalore::Hack 2013, Droidcon Hackday and Google Travel Hackathon I teamed up with three different teams and built app which were received.

I would want to share my experience on how:

  • the ideas evolve

  • feature set gets scoped

  • wireframes evolve

to the actual development stages in the event's 24 hours. Would also want to share my key learnings from attending many hackathons over few years. Each of the app will have a demo associated with it.

Speaker bio

Anenth has experience is developing mobile apps across all platforms. His favorite platform is Android :) After exploring cross platform app development (Phonegap and Titanium) for few days, he is now convinced that "native" is the way forward. He is a Co-founder of Ideophone, a startup that develops mobile and web apps for Travelers. His twitter handle is @anenth



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