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An overview of "Libhybris" library -Use bionic based HW adaptations in glibc system

Submitted by SijiSunny (@sijisunny) on Monday, 29 July 2013

Section: Systems Technical level: Intermediate


This session will be an overview of OpenSource Library "Libhybris" - To utilise the GPU and other drivers in Linux System, which is written only for Android and is not compatible with Linux.


Libhybris load Bionic library and overrides some symbols from bionic with glibc based ones. This will allow to access closed GPU, WiFi, BlueTooth etc.
The talk will be about the working and architecture of "Libhybris" library with some examples running on Cubieboard- an ARM open hardware development platform.


Basic Knowledge in Android HAL & Linux. Sound knowledge in "C" Programing.

Speaker bio

Am an OpenSource enthusiast, has been developing softwares and doing research in various domains: Operating Systems, System programming, Application/ User Interface development, Embedded & Mobile computing, text processing & language computing and cloud computing.

Currently, am the Director of Research Lab named as ME-Labs, a Research and Development company working in the domain of Mobile and Embedded Computing.



  • SAKET SINHA (@disdi) 6 years ago

    Rarely we see a topic focusing on both Android and Linux on a common platform laying emphasis on their inherent relation. Looking forward to it.

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