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Sports rules & news app

Submitted Aug 7, 2012

We developed application which is not at all there in market..


‘Sport rules & News’ is one of its kinds of application in Android market created by Appz Inventors. It’s unique and its concepts are never been spoken about in the past. The sporting circuit today has swept the world with a force using presence of media and technology which apparently makes 'SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ a must have application on every devices to stay acquainted with latest news, updates, reviews, past results, upcoming events, and lot more happening in the sporting world.

From Definition to closing of the game, ‘SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ comprises of the knowhow of top 15 sports played globally, Vis a Vis - Football, Cricket, Tennis, F1, Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table tennis, Hockey, Ice hockey, American football & Canadian football.

Imagine being on the couch with your loved ones enjoying that finale of one of the above mentioned sport and not aware of its detailed rules going against/with your favorite team - here’s when ‘Sport rules & News’ application becomes your guide. No more cracking your head or wasting the moment by switching on your PC/Mac and reading long unrelated Wikipedia pages, and blogs. Everything is present right there at the touch of your finger on ‘SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ Application.

Socializing with your friends using this App is not unimaginable indeed. This application includes features such as taking Tests in individual category of sports(10/25 question in each test shuffled) and challenging your friends on same to beat your score through social media using Facebook and Emails - Now that’s an exciting way to connect with a friend in any part of the globe. Isn’t it?
We understand the world is busy most of the time – so at Appz Inventors we have designed a unique way to never lose touch with latest news of your favorite sport – How? Just mark the News under News section as your favorite to read and analyze them at your leisure. No more hassle of opening long web pages and following paths to your favorite sport news, Just a touch of button does that for you at ‘SPORT RULES & NEWS’. At Appz Inventors, we care about your limited WiFi/3G allowance too. You have a clear message asking to seek permission for WiFi/3G access wherever required. If you don’t want it – say ‘No thanks’ and move forward.


Contains Rules of most popular Sports around the world.
Every Rule, Definition and Detail available at your finger tips.
Simple navigation.
Set any rule as favorite.
Brush up memory by taking the Quiz.
Share the results and challenge a friend.


Stay updated with all the recent news related to your favorite Sports.

We at ‘Appz Inventors’ believe that knowledge and inventions are never limited – so we would be excited to receive your suggestion at any point in time. Hope you truly enjoy this application at every sporting ceremony.
Best Regards,
Appz Inventors.



Speaker bio

1 I’m the person who developed the application.
2 who know everything very well about application A to Z.
3 I have 2.6 years experience in R&D, I hope I will do my best..




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