Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

##About Droidcon
Droidcon is a two day international conference that’s all about Android. It brings together luminaries from all aspects of the Android ecosystem - solo app developers, visual and interaction designers, software startups, enterprise software leaders, robotics and arduino wizards, kernel and ROM hackers, OEMs and platform providers, and technology enthusiasts.

Tickets are available from droidcon.doattend.com.

##Proposal Selection Process
The proposal funnel below will enable you to submit a session and vote on proposed sessions. It is a good practice introduce yourself and share details about your work as well as the subject of your talk while proposing a session.

Each community member can vote for or against a talk. A vote from each member of the Program Committee is equivalent to two community votes. Both types of votes will be considered for final speaker selection.

It’s useful to keep a few guidelines in mind while submitting proposals:

  1. Describe how to use something that is available under a liberal open source license. Participants can use this without having to pay you anything.

  2. Tell a story of how you did something. If it involves commercial tools, please explain why they made sense.

  3. Buy a slot to pitch whatever commercial tool you are backing.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. While selected speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event, proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the Early Geek price of Rs. 1800.

Sessions at this year’s Droidcon are 30 minutes each, including transition time. You have 20 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A, with the remaining 5 minutes for the next presenter to begin setting up while you answer the last set of questions.

If you have material that will need more than 30 minutes, consider:

  1. Skipping the first part of your presentation and making it more advanced level, or
  2. Splitting it into two proposals. The Program Committee will work with you to schedule your (selected) sessions back-to-back for continuity.


The main overarching themes for this years Droidcon are grouped into five sections.

###App Demos
Level: Intermediate

  1. 15 minute demo of app you’ve built (yourself or as part of a team)

  2. 30 minute deep dive into one specific unique problem you dealt with and how you solved it. Problem can be technical or UX.

  3. 15 minute Q&A

One spot will be reserved for a featured hacknight demo (or a short demo of all apps)

Level: Beginner

  1. 15 minutes of concepts via slides

  2. 30 minutes of show and tell

  3. 15 minutes of interactive guidance with audience

Topics should address specific areas - for instance a) Using Fragments, b) Building basic animations, c) Using WebView, d) Offline Storage & Cache.
Prior registration is required, all attendees must bring laptops with SDK & tools preinstalled.
Speakers must ensure sessions can be run without Wi-Fi access if needed.

###Specialized Topics
Level: Intermediate

  1. NFC / Android Beam

  2. Sensors

  3. Arduino

  4. DLNA & Media / Google TV

  5. Gaming

  6. Multi-modal Apps

  7. Enterprise App Development

  8. UX Patterns & Challenges

  9. Designing apps for the Indian market

###Platforms, Tools & Libraries
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Usage of open source platforms, tools & libraries like Eclipse, PhoneGap, Kirin, jQuery Mobile, etc. Proprietary tools need to be sponsored sessions.

###General Topics
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  1. Using Fragments

  2. Whats new in Jelly Bean

  3. Designing for different form factors

  4. Tackling Fragmentation

  5. Marketing & Monetizing Android Apps

The Program Committee may recommend that some proposals under General Topics be considered under the Workshops or Specialized Topics section depending on the nature of the content.

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droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more



Sports rules & news app

Submitted Aug 7, 2012

We developed application which is not at all there in market..


‘Sport rules & News’ is one of its kinds of application in Android market created by Appz Inventors. It’s unique and its concepts are never been spoken about in the past. The sporting circuit today has swept the world with a force using presence of media and technology which apparently makes 'SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ a must have application on every devices to stay acquainted with latest news, updates, reviews, past results, upcoming events, and lot more happening in the sporting world.

From Definition to closing of the game, ‘SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ comprises of the knowhow of top 15 sports played globally, Vis a Vis - Football, Cricket, Tennis, F1, Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table tennis, Hockey, Ice hockey, American football & Canadian football.

Imagine being on the couch with your loved ones enjoying that finale of one of the above mentioned sport and not aware of its detailed rules going against/with your favorite team - here’s when ‘Sport rules & News’ application becomes your guide. No more cracking your head or wasting the moment by switching on your PC/Mac and reading long unrelated Wikipedia pages, and blogs. Everything is present right there at the touch of your finger on ‘SPORTS RULES & NEWS’ Application.

Socializing with your friends using this App is not unimaginable indeed. This application includes features such as taking Tests in individual category of sports(10/25 question in each test shuffled) and challenging your friends on same to beat your score through social media using Facebook and Emails - Now that’s an exciting way to connect with a friend in any part of the globe. Isn’t it?
We understand the world is busy most of the time – so at Appz Inventors we have designed a unique way to never lose touch with latest news of your favorite sport – How? Just mark the News under News section as your favorite to read and analyze them at your leisure. No more hassle of opening long web pages and following paths to your favorite sport news, Just a touch of button does that for you at ‘SPORT RULES & NEWS’. At Appz Inventors, we care about your limited WiFi/3G allowance too. You have a clear message asking to seek permission for WiFi/3G access wherever required. If you don’t want it – say ‘No thanks’ and move forward.


Contains Rules of most popular Sports around the world.
Every Rule, Definition and Detail available at your finger tips.
Simple navigation.
Set any rule as favorite.
Brush up memory by taking the Quiz.
Share the results and challenge a friend.


Stay updated with all the recent news related to your favorite Sports.

We at ‘Appz Inventors’ believe that knowledge and inventions are never limited – so we would be excited to receive your suggestion at any point in time. Hope you truly enjoy this application at every sporting ceremony.
Best Regards,
Appz Inventors.



Speaker bio

1 I’m the person who developed the application.
2 who know everything very well about application A to Z.
3 I have 2.6 years experience in R&D, I hope I will do my best..




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droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more