Droidcon India 2012

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Tanay Jayawant

Cross Platform Development: A Deep Dive

Submitted Oct 22, 2012

A deep dive into an application developed using a hybrid cross-platform mobile app development framework. We will demonstrate how complex core logic can be shared across platforms while retaining the control over building high quality UI.


With the advent of multiple smart-phone platforms, various hybrid approaches have cropped up for cross-platform Mobile Development. We propose using an approach, that developers and business can leverage alike to have more re-usability across platforms and yet plug in HTML5 or Native components wherever they desire. The common core not only encompasses core logic but also shared UI components.

In this session we will present the internals and implementation of this approach using the open-source framework Calatrava. This will be driven through an application developed using the above approach. At the end of the session, attendees will understand the benefits of separating UI from your core logic, and leveraging this to create shared cross-platform components as well as platform specific native components.


Basic understanding of Android and Javascript.

Speaker bio

Tanay is a developer at ThoughtWorks. He has dabbled in several technologies, currently inclined towards Ruby on Rails. He is currently doing mobile development rapidly switching between various mobile platforms. Likes to keep updated on latest in technology.


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