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Microsoft Kinect and Android

Submitted by Allen Thomas Varghese on Aug 31, 2012

Section: App Demos Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


The proposed session is to showcase how we can create a very basic game using Microsoft Kinect and Android.


Microsoft Kinect, an accessory to XBox console provides excellent gesture recognition capabilities as well as user and environment data. These can be used to develop intuitive user applications that provide a whole new dimension to user interaction. In this tutorial, we would discuss on how we can use Microsoft Kinect and an Android device to have two players interact with each other and play a very simple but engaging game. The tutorial would also go through the challenges that are involved in real-time data transmission between the devices and how it was tackled.

The objective of the game is to swat a fly. The fly movement would be controlled by the Android device by one of the players and the other player tracked by Kinect, would have to swat the flay using their hands. The points would be tracked on a time slot basis. More android devices in place, the more number of flies that can be included in the game.

Speaker bio

Completed BTech in Mechanical Engineering in 2007. Working as Technical Program Manager for Innovation at UST Global, a MNC in Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala. My job profile requires me to carry out prototyping and research in a wide array of subjects and to come up with ideas of working applications that could be further taken up as commercial projects.

Have worked in multiple technologies and very passionate about tinkering. Interested in Human-Computer-Interaction technologies, JavaScript, 3D and Arduino.


  • Aravind Krishnaswamy (@arg0s) 7 years ago

    Allen - will this require a Kinect setup on stage? Is your demonstration something you will be able to setup and remove easily?

  • Allen Thomas Varghese Proposer 7 years ago

    Kinect setup would not take up much time. Just need a power source and some prop to support the kinect. If there is an adjustable camera stand, all the more better as I can mount the kinect on the stand. If not also it is fine. In case there are infrastructure constraints, I can record a video of the demo and then showcase it during the presentation.

  • Aravind Krishnaswamy (@arg0s) 7 years ago

    That sounds good, Allen. You may want to plan on the video as a fallback in case issues crop up.

  • Allen Thomas Varghese Proposer 7 years ago

    Alrite. Thanks for the input! Looking forward to the event :)

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