Data Mesh

Data Mesh


  • Joined Dec 2022

Data Mesh is a socio-technical construct, developed to harness the potential of data at scale. Data Mesh can be applied within organizations to lower the technology barriers for business, operations and finance teams to access and use data.

Data Mesh is an operating model for technology created from time tested principles and practices to help organizations manage and use data seamlessly. The principles include:

  1. Domain ownership
  2. Thinking of data as a product - and how end users will use the data.
  3. Self-serve data infrastructure, by enabling platform capabilities for domain owners and business teams to build on.
  4. Federated computational governance, to help people operate and innovate efficiently.

You can take small steps to get started with Data Mesh, including building a data catalogue in your organization. Explore this knowledge repository, and participate in Data Mesh’s activities to understand apply Data Mesh in your organization.