Why voice content strategy is critical for enterprises

This session covers the following:

  1. Why a voice content strategy is critical for enterprises.
  2. How and why to make your content future proof.
  3. Differences between voice-based and web-based content, and how that affects the user experience.
  4. Basics of optimizing your content for voice search.
  5. Why bots should be your next strategic investment.

Gaurav Mishra, Director of Digital Experience at Srijan will conduct this session. Gaurav works closely with enterprises that are in the midst of their digital transformation, helping them create innovative technology solutions that intelligently blend existing CMS platforms with the power of bots.

Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.
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Q&A session

39 minutes 1 September 2020

Why voice-first approach is important for today's content businesses

Gaurav Mishra, Director of Digital Experience at Srijan

29 minutes31 August 2020

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