Hamsa Ganesh


Modular Typography for the Web

Submitted Nov 23, 2020

This talk is for:
* Designers looking to take a systemic approach to typography in their web project
* Developers and designers who want to mutually set a format of typography specification delivery that works

I have been iterating on the process of defining web typography for several years now, and I’ve landed on a process that has become replicable in every project that I do. Some advantages I find of approaching web typography with a type scale are:
* It saves a lot of time decision-making for typography and spacing during the design stage
* It helps establish a vertical rhythm between screen components
* It makes your designs more predictable to developers and future designers


This talk will cover:
* What is a modular type scale + Why should you use one
* Introduction to the tool : modularscale.com
* Step by step: How I define a responsive modular type scale
* Handing-off type specifications to developers


If you’re new to web typography, do take a look at Karl’s talk Getting Started with Web Typography – would would serve as a great primer for this session.

Speaker bio

Hamsa is a web designer from India with 11 years of work experience including roles in project management, creative direction and implementation. As a formally trained graphic designer who codes, one of her biggest strengths is to design with a hands-on understanding of the capabilities of emerging front-end technologies, tools, techniques. Her previous talk on Hasgeek can be viewed here: Designing Custom Grids that Scale



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