Designing custom grids that scale

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Designing custom grids that scale

Submitted by Hamsa Ganesh (@hamganesh) on Sep 5, 2020

Status: Confirmed & scheduled


This talk is for:
* Designers who want to have more control on how their web components scale at different screen sizes
* Developers and designers who want to mutually set a format of grid delivery that works


We will be covering the following topics
* How to think responsively at the design stage?
* Step by step: How to define a responsive custom grid?
* Stress testing your design components for scale
* Handing off grid specifications to developers



Speaker bio

Hamsa is a web designer from India with 11 years of work experience including roles in project management, creative direction and implementation. As a formally trained graphic designer who codes, one of her biggest strengths is to design with a hands-on understanding of the capabilities of emerging front-end technologies, tools, techniques.



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