CDNs and why developers should pay attention

This session is for:

  1. Digital Publishers
  2. Web Designers
  3. Developers

to understand

  1. What is a CDN?
  2. Why should you be using it?
  3. What are the CDN options for small-medium scale CMS based websites?
  4. How to evaluate CDN options?

About the speaker: Satiya Prasath Padmanabhan is Senior Solutions Engineer at Akamai. He works with the largest companies in the OTT and publishing verticals in India, as part of his work at Akamai. He also consults on WebPerf, Media Streaming and Web Security. Satiya has built products for Mobile Broadcast, Predictive Content Delivery and was part of Akamai’s mobile strategy team across Asia.

Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.
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Q&A session

Q&A session

Moderated by Souvik Das Gupta

31 minutes25 July 2020
What are CDN's and why developers should pay attention

What are CDN's and why developers should pay attention

Satiya Prasath Padmanabhan, Senior Solutions Engineer at Akamai

1 hour25 July 2020

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