Construkt Open Mic (Finale)

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Why we need more Social Enterprises


Achitra Borgohain


To encourage more & more people take up social enterprise.


A social enterprise has both social and commercial goals. What makes it different from other enterprises is that we place a firm emphasis on tackling social problems. This positive impact is as important to its business objective as any financial bottom line.

Speaker bio

I have worked 10 years in the corporate sector working in venture capital and financial services industry. From hearing pitch decks to making pitches now, I have experienced both sides of an enterprise. I am the founder of the start-up BinBag which is currently incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. BinBag addresses the need for consumers to dispose their e-waste responsibly. And in the process, we make it fun for consumers while making a significant impact on the last mile,i.e, waste pickers.