Subhash Bhushan


Open Source your Startup

Submitted Feb 5, 2015

Find how your startup can hit the ground running using Open Source Software (OSS). Know how you can become part of top-notch, collabarative, highly-qualified communities and also gain access to talented individuals.

Get to know the current trending software in the market, to address your needs, from a simple website to a SaaS platform. Also understand the nuances of using OSS and risks to be aware of.


Open source software (OSS) is at the heart of most startups these days. Not only can OSS reduce barriers of entry into the market, but also significantly increase a startup’s chances of getting things right from the get-go. A host of software options are available today to address most, if not all, startup needs. Their quality is second-to-none, and are usually backed and supported by community conscious organizations.

Open source communities have also become a popular source of finding talent. They can serve as an effective marketing/PR mechanism for a startup, especially when the focus during initial days is on engineering and prototypes. Startups, when possible, can also gain by open sourcing the software they build, to take the help of communities in improving overall quality and stability.

But OSS is not devoid of risks. It is important to evaluate a software in multiple aspects, like stability, age and known issues.

Speaker bio

Subhash Bhushan is an Entrepreneur and Technology Evangelist, and currently heads Business Engineering in Kaybus. He has dabbled with a myriad of technology platforms over the past decade and has first-hand experience of the tremendous advantage OSS can give to a startup. His latest interests are in projects intersecting IoT and functional programming.


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