Vikram Sridhar


Using the right stories in your entrepreneurship journey

Submitted Feb 2, 2015

Storytelling has a long history in India as an Oral memory. Through thetalk the objective would be to choose the right story at the right time . It can be in business, education , volunteering or conservation .


Our memories are built strongly on how we connect to things visually and Orally . Over a period of time I use folklore and stories to build this memory with the audience eith in the classroom , office or in a public space . A simple story like the Hare and the tortoise can be used in multiple spaces to strike the required effect .


An open mind to listen and interact :)

Speaker bio

Over the years Vikram has connected my dots of interest and work . Coming from an Engineering and Management background from premier institutes his interest and work in theatre , wildlife management and social work connected into Oral Storytelling over a peroiod of time . Using Oral Stories he connects with children and adults from various sections of the society and use it s a strong tool for busines , education , conservation and others. He has been quoted by the media for hishigh energy and contemporary style .
This connect between an artise and a corporate is what fits me into this topic.
Been a speaker at various events like the TEDx , Toastmasters , Rotary and even the last year Construkt festival (

He is the founder of TAHATTO ( a performance collective and has been identified as India’s pioneers in the Arts Management space .



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