Devyani Jain


How do we extend IoT and Wearables to Pets?

Submitted Jan 26, 2015

How do we design for non-human species?
The objective is to explore the possibilities of internet of Thngs and wearables for pets and what should be the design approach for a non-human user group.


The talk is a presentation of my learnings from a recent project done where my work was to conceptualise wearable technology for pets. In the current age of Internet of things and Wearable Technology, there is a radical shift in designing products and experiences, objects today learn to adapt themselves to human behaviour. Because of this change, it is now possible for our pets to be a part of our networked society. What should be our approach when looking at a non-human species as our user group? and how shall we design fo rthem, what is the framework/guidelines that we should keep in mind. How is it different from designing for humna beings and why shall we extend technology to th enon-human user group.

The talk covers design guidelines as an outcome of my learnings, for wearables and IoT for pets, and also briefly talks about the relevance of including pets to our data ecosystem.


Curosity for my work and passion for yours!

Speaker bio

I am a wearable tech designer, post-graduate from National Institute of Design, trying to learn more and more with every project I do. In the current digital age of networked society with upcoming networked wearables and smart objects, I am interested in exploring the new interactions that will emerge in this lifestyle and how to make technology and design more intuitive for the users, by designing innovative user experiences and interfaces.
Currently, I am working with Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, to set up a wearable lab for their brand peter England. earlier to this I interned in Intel Innovation Labs(India) on designing wearables for dogs. In summer 2013 I interned in Social Body Lab (OCADU, Canada) on designing a wearable device Meemo for psychotherapy. My design paper on ‘Meemo’ was published and presented ACM Iteligent User Interfac conference in Israel and also in Asia-Pacific CHI in India and is published in ACM. I am keen on appropriating technology and emerging technologies such as Wearable Tech, IoT and connected objects interests me a lot. My recent project Greenopia (IoT Urban Farming) has won the first prize in an Indo-Russian design challenge and we are presenting the same in Moscow in March 2015.

Prior to design, I graduated in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and Exhibited works in the United Art Fair 2012.



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