Sonal Raj


Startup Diagnostics: Reasons why startups can fail.

Submitted Jan 13, 2015

The talk analyses the common reasons including decisions, ecosystem factors or economic issues which adversely attribute a startup’s growth.


New and Innovative startups are in the limelight more often than not – but about 80% of tech startups fail in the long run. Even those that make it big initially lose momentum and transcend from a potential empire into an entity of the past. They say you need to eliminate the fear of failure and take all risks to build a great startup, but that does not imply you stop looking for the traps. In this talk we analyze where startups fall short – be it lack of vision or rather bad timings – we will carry out detailed diagnostic of what you need to do or avoid in order to stand out while others perish.


An entrepreneur zeal !

Speaker bio

Sonal has been the founder of two early startups – enfoss and botcubes. The talk above is an account of his encounters with success and failures in his entrepreneurial sprint. He is an engineer with a computer science major who has a passion for art, gadgets and design. He has published code and contributed to Open Source Projects. When not working on projects, he can be found travelling, stargazing or reading. Sonal has been a speaker at PyCon India 2013 and 2014. He currently works at Goldman Sachs.



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