Hansika Singh


ConsumED by Ecofolk

Submitted Jan 14, 2015

Introspection and conversations have always been the best approach to drive a change. ConsumED is a session aimed at leading participants towards a more conscious behavior around consumer choice and consumption.


The way we live, the decisions we make, not only reflect on our own health but also of those around us. As responsible and sensitive people of our community we need to drive this change, and it has to start with us.
We believe that awareness about our consumer patters, shifting to conscious products, asking questions like where our products come from and where they go, are important micro steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow.
We aim to create reflection around our decisions as individuals which we otherwise make without thinking about the consequences.

This session is powered by EcoFolk, the conscious consumption movement.



Speaker bio

Hansika Singh and Somya are founders of Ecofolk - the conscious consumption movement. Ecofolk is a non-profit organisation that has held various workshops in bangalore to create awareness around conscious consumption in the past year. This includes conversations with individuals, group discussions and upcycling workshop for kids. Ecofolk wants to make conscious consumerism a part of mainstream eduction curriculum one day and dreams that alll citizens will embrace sustainability as a minimum requirement of a product or service.

  • www.facebook.com/ecofolk.in


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