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Submitted Jan 1, 2015

There are three objectives associated with my session.

  1. Provide a deeper insight into the most disscussed concept or rather a vision in the technological world.
    What will happen when the things surrounding us, homes and cities that we live in will all become smart.

  2. Provide a technological base to start off in designing an IOT product.

  3. Demonstrate a working IOT based system (E-Health Monitoring System), which I designed for my BE project and how this system is scalable and useful for improving the quality of patient care in rural and urban areas of our country.


The session will start off by defining and understanding the vision of IOT, how it’s gonna transform our lives and then once we have a good understanding of the subject I will touch the technical aspects that one require to implement and realize the full potential of IOT. Technical aspects would include understanding the domain of Wireless Sensor Networks, hardware and software platforms and some of the wireless communication technologies like ZigBee which are used in the IOT field.
At the end I will demonstrate an IOT based system called "E-Health Monitoring System " which I have devloped as my BE project.
After attending the session you will have a greater understanding of the topic and will find yourself in a position to start designing your own IOT based system/product.


Pen and paper to take down important points.
And, yeah one important thing a creative mind.

Speaker bio

Name - Shree Kumar
Education - BE-Information Technology(8th sem) from Pune University at Maharashtra Institute Of Technology College
Of Engineering , Pune.
Achievement - 1st Prize in Project competition (5th sem)
Project Title -> Multiplex Management System.

 I am very enthusiastic and optimistic for IOT and I constantly read to gain a better understanding of the subject from different sources that are available. I've successfully applied whatever little knowledge I have in designing my own IOT based system.
 I would like to share my knowledege with you people so that together we can make our planet a "smarterPlanet". I belive that sharing knowledge helps us to evolve in intelligent and productive species.


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