Gopal Krishna


3D Printing, Democratization of Manufacturing and Make in India

Submitted Dec 22, 2014

The objective of the talk is to help people create. Innovation and prototyping in India has always faced the bottleneck of manufacturing. Custom designs always find it difficult to get manufactured.
But now things are changing. 3D Printing, makerspaces, fab labs and the government campaigns have now come up and helping peole create physical shapes like never before. Innovators, thinkers, Entrepreneurs, students, scientists and artists can now create with ease because of 3D Printing and allied technologies that are now available to them at affordable prices.
The idea is to let people know whats and hows of democracy in Manufacturing and let them innovate, create, dream and believe like never before. Attend this talk and become a maker, and create with conviction.


The session will have the follwing agenda:

  1. What does being a ‘maker’ mean.
  2. What was lacking in India, insights from my own experiences.
  3. The current ecosystem and how things have changed in the last two years.
  4. Available resources to makers
  5. How to create your first working model : Tips, Tricks and hacks
  6. How to market your ‘makes’


The session has no requirements.

Speaker bio

I am one of the co-founders of Global 3D Labs. We are an Indian company manufacturing 3D Printers and are one of the best in doing so across the spectrum. We have likes of Indian railways as our clients and have been featured at major national and international media platforms. We are one of the activists of the maker movement in India and have evangelised 3D Printing across geographies by tying up with major government organisations.We have trained and touched the lives of thousands directly and indirectly by our 3D Printers, startups that use our 3D Printers, our training sessions and meetups.
I also have been a maker for a long time now and have worked on various maker projects right from my college days and do realise the bottlenecks people face while creating. I have found hacks around a lot of these problems and would like to share the same with everyone to create and innovate faster and better.
Here’s by linkedin profile and you can know me better via this:
You can also google global3dlabs and know more.


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