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I Love Mondays, do you?


Mala Mary Martina


New age careers, changing trends in careers, behaviour, recruitment and scope in India.


Did you know? According to Forbes 81% of the people in the world hate their Mondays, while only 19% of the people have made the right career choices. Why then do you think the slogan TGIF is so catchy?
If the Children in India [ 35% of teh population of india] chooses to also hate their Mondays, we are headed towards Doomsday.
So what can we do to stop that fro happening using Technology and Entertainment.


Notepad and an open mind

Speaker bio

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, Best Engineering student recipient from VTU, Trained more than 30,000 students and children in rural, private, public and Internationals chool. Speaker at GHC, Speaker at WIN. Youngest DTM [ Distinguished Toastmaster] in India, National level debating champion by TOI.