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Business Design for the other 90% -Transform society

Submitted Jan 26, 2015

Society faces many wicked challenges, best managed by design thinking and holistic, systems-level solutions. Impact enterprises are market driven and can be a way of redefining capitalism away from maximizing profit to maximizing impact profitably.
The master class is meant to inspire a new generation of people seeking to create enterprises with the purpose of serving the underserved and underreached-profitably.


Business strategy and design thinking are a powerful combinations to build businesses of any kind, but when applied to social issues can be disproportionately successful.
The master class will run participants through a quick business design exercise and introduce them to tools they can use.It will use a combination of use cases, design thinking tools, and business building tools like the business model canvas and build your own model albeit a simple one.


A startup idea for a social problem and an open mind.
A laptop would be useful.

Speaker bio

I am a designer and a serial entrepreneur, with a strong interest in business design.I lead the IMPACT EDGE lab, an incubator-accelerator at Srishti School of Design, where I will be introducing a an MBA program in Business Design for Impact Enterprises soon. I have run design thinking workshops for Startups at incubators such as ISB’s Dlabs, CIIE, SLP, GSF India, The world Bank Institute’s Development Market Place and the last Construkt festival as well.
I have co founded several businesses like Idiom Design and Consulting, Dovetail Furnitute, The Design Store, Spring Health Water etc. I also advise several startups and businesses like Furlenco, Home Town, Future Group, Mother Earth,
Akaar Innovation and have been mentor to companies like Embrace Global, Welowater and Vera solutions.
I currently lead Industree Foundation and Industree Skills Transform as CEO.



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