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The Construkt festival celebrates the spirit of entreprenuership and passionately work on disruptive ideas that we believe will benifit the community. more

Vikram Sridhar


Finding the Artist in you

Submitted Jan 14, 2015

Hidden Deep inside all of us is this artist who is looking to explode at the right moment . Over the 2 hours of the workshop, the attendee will discover the artist in them be it a singer , dancer or the actor in them .And see how we can use this in creating a positive social impact . Be it using music to work with children , or Storytelling to spend time volunteering with senior citizens , using dramatics at the workplace , weaving stories in our entrepreneurial journey .

Be a poet in your corporate presentations , a storyteller during client interactions , a dancer when teaching kids , a singer when commuting ...

We all love to listen and see , why not be a bit of an artist in our dally activities :)


The session would use theatre and Oral Storytelling as a tool. Being the oldest form of Art, Oral and Visual memories were always intercepted over time , be it in business , politics , journalism . Politicians, Businessmen have always touched Arts to reach to the masses and even in their work . Example is MR. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who is a great poet , and used Poetry in his speeches .

Over the 2 hours participants would be going through simple and fun theatre exercises to express simple things , using their body as a tool. The power of Oral and Visual medium being constantly used. The key Objectives of the workshop would be

  • Appreciate art in our daily lives
  • See if we could combine it with any of our activities
  • Why postpone something which can be done today ?


Comfortable clothing .

Speaker bio

An Engineer and management graduate from premier institutions , Vikram Sridar s currently a Marketing Professiona. He finds his life energy through his Oral Storytelling sessions which is an interception of his work and interest in Theatre,Conservation and Social Work . He has been working with a number of theatre groups across India for about a decade now is the co-founder Tahatto ( www.tahatto.com) , a Bangalore based theatre group. Tahatto performs regularly in Bangalore and in festivals across India. He has volunteered and worked with different organizations in the Animal welfare and conservation space from his childhood days .And also consults and works with organizations in the social sector. He combines the three in his Storytelling to make a difference. He performs his stories across various spaces and cities in India .He has been written about in various media for his high energy interactive style of Storytelling. He was a panelist at the Hindu Literary Festival, Chennai and the Bangalore Literary Festival this year . He was a recent TEDx speaker and spoke about the power of Oral Storytelling in the contemporary times .

Around the Story Tree is his initiative to reach out to children and adults from different backgrounds through storytelling, using stories and folktales in a contemporary form as a strong medium for conservation and human relationships to connect listeners to their environment. To know more about his work, facebook.com/AroundTheStoryTree


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Hosted by

The Construkt festival celebrates the spirit of entreprenuership and passionately work on disruptive ideas that we believe will benifit the community. more