Manveen Kaur


Candle Making Workshop - Hobby in a Box

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

The participant will understand various nuances of candle making. Candle making is an art and therapy for the soul. There is no right or wrong way but you chose your own way


In the workshop, you will experiment with different type of votives, colors, essential oils and waxes to make your perfect candle. It is an adventure where you will become an artist and create your very own masterpiece. And when somebody compliments you, you can proudly say “Thanks, I made it”

It will be a sparkling experience for your home and soul :)


Its a paid workshop, so do get the fee!!!

We will provide all the raw materials you need to create your candles. You will take home your creation and leftover materials from your box to continue with experimentation.

Speaker bio

As a professional crafter, I eat, breathe and live for creativity and ideas. I am an ardent fan of DIY and believe that anyone can create anything if he/she has right materials and correct guidance. There is no mystery to be creative and innovative. I love conducting workshops as it gives me a chance to teach and learn skills. Each participant is unique and it is amazing experience when people realise(when they make sometging unique or creative) that they had talents hidden inside them all along.
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