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Crafts and Hobbies - Hobby in a Box

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

Hobby in a Box is an online portal that makes DIY and craft activities fun and failproof. We help you to design and make creative products that you can flaunt..We send you all the materials and the instructions in our beautiful HiaB box so that you can just focus on your creativity instead of running around to collect materials.


Hobby in a Box is India’s first creative DIY store where you can learn and make things you love. The session is designed such that you are comfortable with how and what before deep diving into it

The (tentative list of)hobbies that we will cover are:

Candle Making
Glass Etching
Metal Stamping
Recycle Art
Jewlery Making

Check here for more details on what we do -


For glass etching bring a glass bottle or glass votive.
For Recycle Art bring an old or worn toy or lamp or anything
And don’t forget to bring yourself :)

We will provide all the materials and tools required and the consolidated GYAAN in the powerpoint plus DIY Videos. At the beginner level, this is more of a show-and-tell session, not a complete DIY but you can pitch in and DIY if you want to experiment.

Speaker bio

As a professional crafter, I eat, breathe and live for creativity and ideas. I am an ardent fan of DIY and believe that anyone can create anything if he/she has right materials and correct guidance. There is no mystery to be creative and innovative. I love conducting workshops as it gives me a chance to teach and learn skills. Each participant is unique and it is amazing experience when people realise(when they make sometging unique or creative) that they had talents hidden inside them all along
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