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Jayamahal Palace

Do you have a startup that is ready to face the world? Come and launch at Construkt in front of 1000s of media, investors and potential customers.Talk about your startup or even make a Demo and spark up some active discussions.

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The Construkt festival celebrates the spirit of entreprenuership and passionately work on disruptive ideas that we believe will benifit the community. more

Gokul Ramakrishnan


Making Breath Count

Submitted Dec 21, 2014

Get a glimpse of what could be next in digital health and how we can get useful feedback for our health and fitness and make sense of it


Fabulyzer is a startup that focuses on enabling users to track their fat burn rate by using breath. Based on this information, users will be able to decide which workouts/physical activities are really burning fat and otherwise and can make useful decisions of the kind of activities that they can invest in to burn more fat and lead a healthy life

Speaker bio

CIO, Fabulyzer


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virendra mishra

Public Launch of Neuron

Objective is pretty simple, We want to Launch our platfomr Neuron for people attending Construkt at a discounted prize :) more

23 Dec 2014