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Augustus DS


Klonio - GitHub for databases

Submitted Jan 8, 2015

We want to expose and talk about our technology to the developer community. We also plan on distributing priority beta invites. (Psst: There may be some swag too.)


Klonio is a distributed database versioning tool. Its (Git + GitHub) for databases. If you haven’t heard of Git or use other code versioning tools like Mercurial or SVN, you should check it out. Git is pretty sweet.

So you version your source code. Don’t you love how the distributed nature of Git makes it easy to collaborate with your teammates, friends or other developers. What about your database? Have you ever considered versioning it? Have you tried to version its schema? What about data? What techniques did you use? Or do you ignore it completely just like developers did to source code before tools like SVN came out? What about backups? Do you take regular backups of your database? Or completely ignore that too?

If you attend this session, you will experience something new, that has the potential to change every developers workflow.


None. Although, if you already know and use Git for source code, you’ll probably enjoy this even more.

Speaker bio

I’m the creator of, and founder at, Klonio. I’ve been building web apps since I was in the 9th grade. I have a deep desire to create revolutionary things. I started programming when I was 5(LOGO!) and have since been doing mostly that. I founded my previous company when I was doing my Engineering. I was the youngest person on CDAC’s (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) Indian domain name scientist panel. I was awarded the most innovative app developer at an International hackathon by Microsoft a few years ago. I value talent, dedication and hard work. I appreciate scientific and philosophical thinking. I love CS. I love design. I love being an entrepreneur.

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