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Radhakrishnan Ram Manohar


Corporate Social Responsibility business in India

Submitted Jan 23, 2015

On April 2014 , the government of India made CSR mandatory and we felt it could be a great path to focus on. We immediately studied the CSR Ecosystem and identified a huge gap between the corporates and organizations/projects that made a change. We wanted things to extend beyond cheques and also give a transparent and systematic monitoring mechanism to the projects we are involved in.

We would like to reach out and educate organizations and also corporates about importance of having a great CSR policy in place that can definitely provide a very good social return on investment.


On April 2014 , the government of India made CSR mandatory and we felt it could be a great path to focus on. We immediately studied the CSR Ecosystem. By trying out a Blue Ocean Strategy, our team has identified vast business opportunity in CSR

We are a startup company that focuses on CSR Management and implementation. We bridge the gap between the corporates and the communities/ organizations that make a difference. We find a great opportunity in CSR and this is a great way to make a difference and will definitely play a huge role in the economic health of the country in the coming years.


Just an open heart.

Speaker bio

I am an IT Engineer by degree but only time I used engineering in life was to '‘engineer’ out of it.

I am a first time entrepreneur and previously to Get Closer, I started my carrier as a consultant analyst to KPMG. I quit my job the day I realized life was getting Robotic. I learnt about startups and the startup ecosystem in the valley and being a tech enthusiast landed up a job in a VC funded tech startup in the telecom domain in Mumbai. Was handling a National Profile and had to handle all the states in India. This gave me a fair knowledge about business and entrepreneurship and confidence to startup. As Richard branson said “You take a risk and have people work with you or you work with people who took a risk”

Will be also keen to speak about our Kashmir Project :

More than just an experience The biggest thing the team learnt was that “nature is in control and we are not.” “It was a big reality check for us,”.

“we are all exceptional armchair revolutionaries on social networks, but when it comes to the real situation nobody does anything. We are happy we were able to do a bit.” Get Closer, has come across many different issues plaguing India. They realised that corporate companies can do a lot through CSR projects. “I feel the corporations need to look at CSR in a more serious manner. There is a need to extend beyond signing off cheques to NGOs for the purpose of tax exemption,”.

“We will continue to work very hard and do work that makes a difference, because we are not going to be around here for too long. So, let’s make the moments matter!”


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