parag gajjar


Tangible Solutions by application design

Submitted Feb 3, 2015

Application development is not limited to screens. Many of us have started exploring new areas like virtual reality and IOT, and many of us are full of innovative ideas with different technologies. Due to lack of direction and market knowledge, ideas get diluted and does not come to life. My talk is about showcasing the market possibilities for application development using mobile, which will also be motivation for people who are full of ideas and want to achieve something by pushing limits of technologies.


Being part of a like-minded group that works to achieve a mission, “Bring Innovations to Life”, we created a virtual kite flying application, which is a multiplayer game with second screen experience and we open it up for public. This application entertained many people for full day at Forum Value Mall, Bangalore. By seeing reaction of people our believe became strong, that lot more is still missing in the world. Technology has the potential to achieve many things. It’s time for our community to open the hidden door.

See technology as an enhancement to user experience
Every idea has its place
Understanding the power of innovation and provide backbone to it

Speaker bio

I have worked with different industries. I have experience of working in Electronics domain, Animation and Media, Ad Agency and IT. In last two and half years, I have participated in many hackathons and won almost all. My favourite time pass is innovating things.


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