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Jacob Cherian

@jacobcherianis Proposing

Let audiences fall in love with you / Social Media for Artists: Hari Menon, The Filmy Owl, Rahul Akerkar of Indigo, Sahil Makhija

Submitted Dec 17, 2014

To educate creative people on how best they can let their own personalities come through on their social media platforms, which in turn translates to work in the long run.


Audio, Visual and Culinary artists today have a medium to promote themselves like never before. This panel will bring together some of the people who have figured it out in this nascent industry and disseminate it to those that need to know more.

Speaker bio

Hari Menon: Photographer out of Bangalore
The Filmy Owl: Visual artist out of Bombay
Rahul Akerkar: Chef at Indigo
Sahil Makhija: Lead singer of Demonic Resurrection


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