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Carol Pinto

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Digital marketing for startups in the creative space

Submitted Jan 27, 2015

The objective of this session is

To identify the digital platforms that are relevant to every individual artist, helping them connect with their customers and market their artwork online, effectively.


B & G is a creative centre; a co-working space for artists and a platform for creative entrepreneurs to learn, share and grow. They host various workshops by artists and crafters and as part of Construkt, will host a discussion that would help creative startups to connect with their customers through various digital marketing strategies.

Date - February 25th, 2015
Time - 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue - Bloom & Grow, Koramangala 6th block, Bangalore
Landmark - Opposite the Koramangala CLub, behind Corporation bank.

Speaker bio

Mr Ashwin Ramesh, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

Ashwin turned entrepreneur when he was 15, starting his own back-end online marketing and web services firm Ebusiness Initiative. He then went on to build and create OrganicApex, a specialized Digital Marketing firm with business units which deal with web services, products, properties and more with delivery centers in Sacramento and Orlando.
Currently, co-founder of Synup, an early stage startup in the location based marketing space.

Ashwin will throw light on the various platforms that an artist can utilize to enable him/her to showcase his/her art to a bigger and appreciative audience.

Mr. George Supreeth, Visual Arts entrepreneur and founder of PencilJam

George Supreeth is a visual-arts entrepreneur based out of Bangalore. Over the past 2 decades, George has worked in several areas of the design landscape including new media, technology, brand and retail design servingcreative director. He currently heads Vismosis - a consulting firm for organizational creativity.

He is the founder of Penciljam, a nationwide visual-arts community, Pencilsauce - a design & illustration studio and more recently a start-up called Pencilplay - a mobile app that helps busy parents encourage childhood creativity.

George has lectured extensively on visual thinking and creativity at educational institutions and at corporate organisations, and actively promotes the need for creativity at schools as well as workplaces.

He will talk about the changes in the marketing strategies since the growth of social media and how his organisation Pencil Jam has capitalised on the same. He will share his insights on the strategies that his business has evolved on and discuss some of the must do’s for visual artists.

Mrs. Monami Bhattacharya, a fine arts entrepreneur

An artist, writer, documentation consultant, animal lover, waste management junkie, bookworm, traveler, and a R.E.C.Warangal alumni, Monami refuses to be stuck in a rut. Little things excite her, simple pleasures define her happiness, and her ambition is to be able combine her love for animals, skills as an artist, and voice in words into a social venture in the future.

She’s going to discuss her journey - from being a wet-behind-the-ears Civil Engineering grad to an IT employee to turning into a fine arts entrepreneur and thought leader. She’ll also discuss what the measure of success was to her and how it evolved, how social media shaped her career, the various marketing platforms that she has dabbled with for her business and personal tips that enabled her despite her introversion.


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