Akhil Kodamanchili


Framing The Question Live

Submitted Jan 28, 2015

Mixed media performance!


An effort to seemlessly merge various forms of music and art into a sigular fractal of expression. A convergence of indian folk, rock, electronica, hip-hop in an alternative audio-visual outfit that emerges as an amalgamation of Framing The Question’s typically recorded media collaborations.


8 channels of a mixer.
A projector.
Standard PA appropriate for the venue.

Line up -
Akhil Kodamanchili - Guitar/Controllers/Composition
Aishan Vali - MC/Rapper
Drums & Bass - to be figured out.
Neel Vatikula - Indian Folk Singer (hyderabad)

Speaker bio

Akhil Kodamanchili is a consequence of an exitential crisis at an early age. Amidst the apparent chaos of life, he happened upon music and art as a exciting mode of validation, exploration and toleration of being. Over the past 9 years he has recieved informal and formal training in music around the world and currently shares his findings and research as a music teacher and creator. Although his first love is the guitar in all its rock and distorted glory, over the course of time he found himself unable to stay faithful to any singlular style - this lead to up to exploring the inner workings of the mind along side mashing every influence that came his way into his mode of constantly evolving expression. His personal work is perpetuated under the title of “Framing The Question”.



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