Aathma- Live@Construkt Festival

Submitted Jan 27, 2015

“So what if it’s just four chords! It’s fun isn’t it”

The Problem:

The prospect of competition and its innuendos is fundamentally what drives most bands to pursue music today. In the following predicament, the underlining purpose of music is lost. The design of most musicians concerts are based on playing immensly technical stuff that a very small portion of the audience can indeed comprehend.

What do we have to say about that?

Abraham Maslow changed the face of modern psychology by proving that all humans are born with a positive outlook. Well we say, that music is what keeps a persons positivity up! Irrespective of what people think of music, adding a portion of emotion in it can completely change the way in which it is perceived.

What we can do about it?
All it takes to get music appreciated is getting your emotions into the picture. Play whatever you want; whichever genre you appreciate, but make sure that you really know what you’re playing and that your heart does too.



Aathma is a Band that will present selection of songs, that altogether attempt to bring out the true message of music. These songs will encompass several languages and genres and will together be an hour long. Each song has a different meaning, that is indeed relatable to members of the audience. These songs will be played live, and each of the performers will express himself in each song. The cohesive meaning of each song will be elaborated on in between tracks.


I. Open Minds, and Hearts.
II. Dancing shoes.

Speaker bio

Aathma is a Contemporary Indian Rock band from Bangalore, India.
Aathma derives its name from the word ‘Aathmahah’ in Sanskrit which means, ‘the inner soul’
Through Music, they attempt to touch the inner soul of people and most importantly keep the relevance of Indian music in power.

Aathma was started in the mission to spread the happier aspect of music into people’s hearts.
Formed as a college band in 2011, Aathma was an attempt of its founders to build a stronger music culture in Christ University. The name ‘Aathma’, was given spontaneously on stage! Beginning as a college band, they did win several inter-collegiate festivals.
With consistent, high energy performances, they have built a reputation for themselves as a ‘Fun Rock’ Band.



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