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Freeman Murray

Learn To Code, Code For India, Get RSPCT

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

Explore a free path someone can follow to become a professional software developer


In this session I’d like to propose a campaign to encourage the youth in India to learn to code. I’ll talk through some of the free online learning resources students can use to get started and represent their learning to the larger community. We’ll also discuss some mechanisms we can put in place to help support people who go down this path.

Code For India is the second part of this plan. We encourage software developers to commit one year working on social service tech projects. I’ll talk about the fellowship program we are organizing how we come up with ideas and how people qualify to participate.

RSPCT is the graduation event for people on this path. RSPCT is where we recognize people who we consider to be intern ready, and those we consider to be entry level. And introduce them to startups or consider them for CFI fellowships.

During this talk I will also share a bit about my experience running Jaaga Study - a code school on an organic farm just outside Bangalore.



Speaker bio

Freeman has been involved with the startup scene in India for the past 10 years. For the past one year he has been running a program on a farm near Bangalore to help people learn modern software development skills. He is also setting up a fellowship program with and runs which introduces new software developers to startups.


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