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Cobalt's DNA = Culture driven startup ecosystem

Submitted Feb 5, 2015

Describe the unique angle that Cobalt took to accelerate the development of a Bangalorean startup ecosystem: the pillars on which Cobalt has been built: Urban conscience, Art & Design.


To bloom each startup ecosystem should be unique, undergoing its own challenges and evolutions. Researchers suggest that developing an entreprenuerial hotspot may depend on traditional factors like funding and technology adoption, as well as other, more unusual traits…
For instance, art = entrepreneurialism : according to the Startup Genome report, authors suggest a correlation between large art and music scenes and successful entrepreneurial ecosystems, citing the startup success in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Berlin.

Can Bangalore’s startup ecosystem go beyond the obvious techie sphere to feed on the city’s cultural fibre?

Speaker bio

For Mod: Naresh V Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 28 years of experience in architecture and urban design. He is best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates ( – an award winning architecture firm that saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. Naresh studied architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology followed by a management program at Harvard Institute for International Development. As an urbanist, activist and creative entrepreneur, his contribution to urban development has been far‐reaching. As co‐founder of MOD (an international collective of urban designers, researchers and curators), founder & trustee of Imagine Bangalore and founder of Cobalt Naresh has fuelled a variety of progressive causes in the city.

For Klatsch! : Shaunak Mahbubani is an avid observer of people’s public behaviour and a undercover detective on the motivations driving their behaviour. A UX designer by day, he makes a living analysing what makes people take decisions and finds ways to creatively influence their actions. He strongly believes in the power of serendipitous encounters and functions without a linkedin account. Find him at

For Cobalt: Souad Tenfiche Ancelle – comics aficionado, engineer, community-facilitator, people-observer, French resistance at Cobalt!


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