##Talks submissions for this year has ended. We are overwhelmed by the proposals and would love to collaborate with you for the next edition.

A multi-day, multi-nodal laboratory for the future of entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation. Cutting across sectors and spaces, the Festival will focus on highlighting all things cutting-edge and trans-disciplinary through an eclectic collection of partners, events, spaces, formats and collaborators.

Construkt at its core is fueled by one fundamental ambition: putting the Indian startup ecosystem on the map as a global hub for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The coming edition of Construkt will take this ambition to the next level by turning the spotlight on entrepreneurs who are thinking big by scaling up and scaling out and exploring newer territories.

##What’s new?

This is a big year for us as we turn Consrtukt into an open platform. At each step along the way we will utilize connected learning & crowd-wisdom to drive content, ideation and key decisions which leads to greater participation and transparency. If you want to speak, launch or demo your work at the festival, then go ahead and submit your talks.

##Submit your talks/demos under any of the categories mentioned below:

  • Construkt Crawls (talks): 2 days of behind the scenes startup action, held across Bangalore, hosted by a variety of creative spaces and startups opening their doors to share their learnings

  • Fringe Talks: Are you an accelerator, a co-working space or an organization involved in supporting entrepreneurship? Host your own session with Construkt Festival

  • Launchpad (demo + talks):Do you have a startup that is ready to face the world? Come and launch at Construkt in front of 1000s of media, investors and potential customers.

  • IoT (demos + talks): Internet of Things - business opportunities, working models/products/prototypes, opinions & trendspotting

  • MakerSpace (demos + talks): Show off your products, tools & kits, hold workshops and hand-on sessions in our exclusive space for makers

  • Entertainment, acts & performances (demos + talks): Express, perform, recite or collaborate. Show us how the intersection of this discipline is evolving

  • Masterclasses (demos + talks): 2 hours workshop style sessions in technology, entrepreneurship, social, design, open innovation or culinary verticals

  • Open mic sessions (15 mins talks): Social projects, individual opinions, anything that needs a platform and a small audience

##Who & what kind of talks?


  • Focusing on tech startups and their journey towards scaling up and scaling out.
  • Discussions on building engineering team, hiring tech leads, building products, attracting & retaining talent
  • Show off tech skills, launch new products and share anything inspirational
  • Trendspotting, future technologies, frameworks, languages
  • Share stories of application of tech to solve problems


  • The role of design in humanities and everything that surrounds us
  • Trends and directions in design and interfaces
  • Showcasing projects/products in tech, design, arts, culinary and at intersection of disciplines
  • Designers scaling up and scaling out
  • The future of tech and design and its inter-dependency


  • Social projects & startups creating global impact
  • Social change through tech, design, arts or at the intersection of multi disciplines
  • Art of raising money for social causes & the support system available
  • Inspirational stories of social entrepreneurs and change makers


  • Entrepreneurial stories in food, agri, restaurants
  • Technology in food - farm to fork
  • Redefining food - food processing, molecular gastronomy, micro brewing
  • Food as lifestyle - Travelling chefs, community food experiences and projects

##Open Innovation

  • Case studies on implementation of open innovation
  • Best practices
  • Open innovation for corporates
  • Cultural shift and work ethics

##Selection Process

Selection of talks will be based on combination of attendee voting and/or editorial panel.

Voting is open to attendees who have purchased event tickets. If there is a proposal you find notable, please vote for it and leave a comment to initiate discussions. Your vote will be reflected immediately.

Proposers must submit presentation drafts as part of the selection process to ensure that the talk is in line with the original proposal, and to help the editorial panel build a strong line-up for the event.

If your proposal is not accepted, you can buy a ticket at the same rate as was available on the day you proposed. We’ll send you a code.


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The Construkt festival celebrates the spirit of entreprenuership and passionately work on disruptive ideas that we believe will benifit the community. more