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Intro to Debian Packaging


Balasankar C


A hands-on session to give audience the basic idea of packaging free software for Debian


Packaging of software makes it easier to handle - considering installation, removal, updation and upgradation. Debian maintains a huge number of Free Softwares in its repositories. The purpose of this session is to introduce the audience how to package a free software (probably a Ruby gem) so that it can be added to Debian repos for users to simple apt-get it.

We will be focussing on packaging of Ruby gems, along with explaining the general way of packaging, that are used in projects like Diaspora, GitLab etc.


Debian GNU/Linux (Unstable recommended, Testing OK, Can make it work even with Stable), a mind to ask questions and to learn.

Install the packages : build-essential, devscripts, debhelper, gem2deb

PS : Even Ubuntu is acceptable.

Speaker bio

In the basic level, Balasankar C is a Free Software enthusiast and evangelist. He is also a Debian Maintainer and is currently maintaining several Ruby packages related to Diaspora and GitLab and a few other FOSS packages. He has been mentoring people via online (and offline, sometimes) on packaging.

He is also an active member of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, the largest language-related Free Software Community in India. His areas of contribution involve Localization of several projects like GNOME (where he was a Foundation Member), Mozilla, Diaspora etc. He is also an administrator of Malayalam Wikisource and the Diaspora Pod - Poddery