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Shubham Kumar


Hubot: Exploring our Robo friend

Submitted Nov 19, 2015

The idea is to introduce Hubot to the DevOps folks. Hubot’s adoption is growing very fast and it has become extremely important to improve employee efficiency. Today’s version of Hubot is open source, written in CoffeeScript on Node.js, and easily deployed on platforms like Heroku. More importantly, Hubot is a standardized way to share scripts between everyone’s robots.


We will start with discussion about DevOps and then ChatOps. Using Hubot, we will see how it has changed the whole process, people and product journey. We will talk about Webhooks, plugins, DOs & DON’Ts.

Speaker bio

Shubham Kumar Choudhary, is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Shubham was the youngest engineer to graduate from Delhi College of Engineering and subsequently joined Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Shubham served as a co-founder and CEO of a customer service startup focused on Natural Language Processing. Shubham also co-founded Deliver5, a food tech startup which worked on a sharing economy model. Passionate about technology, innovation and growth hacking, Shubham has built expertise in MS Tech Stack and currently exploring Open Source world.


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