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Jaysinh shukla


Tor: Under the Hood

Submitted Feb 18, 2019

Tor is a free/libre software which enables its users to surf the Internet anonymously. Journalists use Tor to communicate more safely with whistleblowers. Corporations use Tor as a safe way to conduct competitive analysis. Tor is an easy, free of cost replacement for VPN based approach. Tor was initially developed by a branch of US Navy during the year 1990. Since 2006, the development of Tor is managed by a United States based nonprofit organization Tor Project. Tor network is a collection of relay operators from all around the world. Tor hides its user amongst other users by routing each request to relays from its network. Tor is gaining immense acceptance from the people. Nearly 2 million people are daily using Tor to guard themselves against surveillance. At present there are more than 7000 active Tor relays which were below 1000 merely a decade ago. People like Richard Stallman (rms) and Edward Snowden are recommending Tor as the best way to browse the Internet without compromising your privacy. It is high time to understand the value of our privacy and stand against mass surveillance!

  • Objective: You should attend this talk to understand the architecture of Tor. The speaker will introduce various components like Tor Browser, Onion services and Three types of Tor relays. The spokesperson will demonstrate the most common surveillance techniques and how one can avoid them by using Tor. You should attend this talk to learn more about core motives and inspirations to consider the Tor as a beneficial technology.


  • Introduction
    • History of Tor
    • Preference of Tor worldwide and in India during last decade
      • Tor Users
      • Onion services
      • Tor relays
    • Myths about Tor
    • The architecture of Tor network
  • Tor components
    • Privacy comparison of Tor browser with other popular browsers
    • Components of Onion service
    • Tor relays
      • Entry (Guard) node
      • Middle node
      • Exit node

Duration: 60 minutes including question and answer session.


There are no prerequisites for attending this talk.

Speaker bio

A full-stack developer by profession, a computer scientist by heart and an actor by born. One of the core organizers of PyKutch 2016.


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