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College of Engineering, Pune., Pune

COEP FOSSMeet‘19 is College of Engineering, Pune’s own Free and Open Source Software event. It is jointly organised by Computer and IT department, COEP, COEP’s Free Software Users Group (COFSUG) and COEP’s - Information and Cyber Security Research Group (COEP - ICSRG).

With a vision to promote the culture of openness, innovation, and freedom, the meet intends to bring together FOSS developers, academicians, researchers, students and all those who love the FOSS movement and provide an opportunity to all technophiles out there to participate in the FOSS development and adoption process through hands-on sessions, discussions and lectures.

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Omkar Jadhav : 9405333642
Vikrant Ghatkar : 9834079157
Organising Team, COEP FOSSMeet‘19

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Bhavin Gandhi


GNU Emacs - Let's get started (workshop)

Submitted Feb 15, 2019

We spend most of our time writing things, be it code, documentation, blog post, emails etc. The tool that one uses to write things should be something which is highly configurable and focuses more on productivity. This workshop will cover reasons why one should use GNU Emacs, it will cover various things Emacs can do out of the box. How it’s possible to extend it for various programming languages and editing needs.

It will be a complete hands on workshop/session where everyone will learn basics of GNU Emacs. This will help one to get started using Emacs as their editor.


Duration of this workshop: 2.5h to 3h
• Why Emacs?
• Basic navigation
• Using buffers and frames
• Using spell check
• Viewing man, info pages
• Using shell inside Emacs
• Using Calculator, Calendar
• Introduction to Org mode
• Introduction to Magit


• Any GNU/Linux system with GNU Emacs 26.1+ installed
• A keyboard with working Control and Alt keys

Speaker bio

Bhavin is working with InfraCloud Technologies, Pune. His main area of interest are Free/Libre and Open Source Software, containers and Kubernetes.



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Jaysinh shukla

Tor: Under the Hood

Tor is a free/libre software which enables its users to surf the Internet anonymously. Journalists use Tor to communicate more safely with whistleblowers. Corporations use Tor as a safe way to conduct competitive analysis. Tor is an easy, free of cost replacement for VPN based approach. Tor was initially developed by a branch of US Navy during the year 1990. Since 2006, the development of Tor is … more

18 Feb 2019