Libre, not Gratis

Burhanuddin Rashid


Enhanced your skill and career using the power of open source.

Submitted Feb 19, 2019

Do you want to enhanced your skills? Have you always wondered how devs manage to build so many popular open source libraries while still doing their regular day job? Have you always had the feeling that you would never be able to do that? Well, the truth is - you can do it too through open source.

Historically - Open source wasn’t the mainstream and it didn’t have any meaning on the resume for most of the people.

Today, open source is everywhere. The key skill sets being recruited in the market today are open source tools like Hadoop, Android, Docker, Angular.js and others. Open source is now mainstream. People are now very well known because of there open source projects and contributions.

It will be 30-45 minutes talk with QA


So this talk will be focused on to motivate the developer to how you can start developing open source projects and what it takes to building/maintaining a project and become known face in the community. In this talk, you will learn

  1. What is open-source?
  2. Why is it Important? (Programming Skills, Build Ideas, Reputation )
  3. What do you need to become an open-source contributor? (Passionate, Beyond 8 hours job)
  4. How to get started?
  5. How to be famous?
  6. Take care of yourself

By the end of this talk, you have the motivation and reasons to start the with open source. You will start contributing and building your ideas yourself!

Speaker bio

I am open source enthusiast from India, Currently, I have been working on Android and Kotlin from past 4 years and Exploring Flutter as well. I try to learn and share my knowledge by contributing to the open source project by creating libraries and sample apps. I also share knowledge by writing on medium or speaking at conferences.


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