Libre, not Gratis

Chandan kumar


Should I contribute to Open Source or not?

Submitted Feb 15, 2019

Is there a need to contribute to FOSS projects these days ?
It depends upon the situation. Someone is
solving coding challanges or pushing hard themselves to land a patch
in FOSS projects or still struggling to find the right project to contribute.

What do we need to do get our focus at the right place?

Since Computer Science is evolving at a drastic scale and we wants to know
the things in order to get a better job with good salary.

Is it still possible? I think yes.


Talk Duration: 30-45 Minutes + Q&A

In this talk, I am going to share a philosophy about how to stay focus at both the
places while working as well as contributing to FOSS without losing patience.

Some of the following questions may get answered:
1. Should I contribute to FOSS projects or not?
2. If yes then why?
3. How should I choose a project?
4. Or it is better to solve the existing ones or our own problems?
5. If I keep contributing, Will I land a job or my skills got enhanced?
6. How can we maintain a balance between the best of both worlds?

Speaker bio

Chandan Kumar - Organizer of PythonPune, OpenStack/RDO contributor
Currently working at Red Hat.



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