Libre, not Gratis

Chandan kumar


Have fun with Python3

Submitted Feb 15, 2019

From the last 4 years, PythonPune has been consistent in organizing monthly meetup as well
as helping people to solve their problem. This time we are here to deliver a full fleged
workshop on Python Programming language. This workshop will cover:
1. Zen of Python
2. Writing Idiomatic code
3. Covering tools of the trade like tox, best practices, prototyping, development/testing/automation
4. Common Libraries
5. Use of Python along with other languages
6. Have fun with programming


Workshop Duration:
2 hrs 30 minutes


A GNU/Linux system with Python 3.x Installed

Speaker bio

Chandan Kumar: Organizer of PythonPune

Co Speakers/Organizers:
Vishal VijayRaghvan
Amol Kahat
Nikhil Dhandhre
Gaurav Sitlani
Bhavin Gandhi



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