Libre, not Gratis

Aditya Shankar Tripathi


Python for Security Professionals

Submitted Feb 15, 2019

Python is very powerful and yet easy-to-learn language even for those who hate coding. This session is for people who want to make their careers in Cybersecurity with coding skills. Python is used now-a-days to develop many security tools and scripts.


Introduction to Python
1. Installation
2. Syntax, variables, operators
3. Lists, tuples, dictionaries
4. if..else statements, while and for loops,
5. Functions, classes/objects,
6. Modules, JSON, PIP, REGEx
7. Writing and running basic scripts
8. Networking devices: Routers, switches and their functionality
9. Kali linux
10. Writing python scripts on Kali to exploit networking devices by bruteforce
11. Writing python tools for DoS attack, bruteforce attack

**Bonus: Android smartphones hacking via backdoor application


Pariticipants would requires laptops and we will need wifi connectivity.

Speaker bio

Aditya is working as a Security Analyst in the industry for past 2 years.
Previously, he has worked as Consultant in providing network infrastructure solutions.
He likes coding in python. On weekends, he organizes and attends meetups for Cybersecurity awareness for both levels: enterprise and individual.


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