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Rahul Prajapati


Hooking with WordPress

Submitted Feb 13, 2019

Hooking is a technique that is used to register an event and provide a mechanism to run code when an event occurs. Hooking makes it possible for one to alter a program’s behavior without modifying the original program code.

In this session, we will learn about hooking as a concept. Moreover, we will go through how WordPress has implemented it and as a developer, you can use it to create themes and plugins which changes WordPress behavior without modifying its code.

Ref link:
WordPress Hook API:


  1. Basic introduction on hooking technique.
  2. Quick intro of WordPress CMS.
  3. Usage of hooking system in WordPress CMS.
  4. Example of actions and filters usage in WordPress hook system.

Speaker bio

Rahul started working as a freelance developer in 2014 before joining rtCamp in 2015. In a short time, his passion and love for WordPress accelerated his career growth and as a Vice President (Engineering) at rtCamp he leads many WordPress developers and project strategy. He is also lead architect for the open-source EasyEngine project which powers more than 100,000 sites.

Rahul keeps contributing to many open source projects including WordPress core. When not coding, he is biking around or playing on PS4.



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