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Rahul Bansal


Careers in WordPress and open-source at large!

Submitted Feb 12, 2019

Sometime ago open-source looked at as a backup career choice. Companies using proprietary tools used to pay more and were more attractive for overall perks and benefits.

The rise of open-source software has turned the table. Now open-source companies are not only matching pay-grades but have more to offer such as remote work option, and more importantly the joy of giving back!


I will start the session with a presentation covering:

  • Taking an overview of conventional IT jobs a few years ago
  • How has the job market evolved?
  • Major companies recruiting in open-source
  • How these companies make money? A quick overview of businesses
  • Perks and benefits that are either exclusive or more common in open-source careers
  • Non-engineering careers paths. (because not every engineer love to code!)

After presentation, I will request questions from students formally. Of course, the audience is more than welcome to ask questions anytime - during presentation and even after the session also.


Questions! Please bring all your questions & concerns about choosing a career in open-source.

Speaker bio

Rahul is the founder and CEO of rtCamp - the only VIP partner agency from Asia.

Rahul’s WordPress journey began in 2007 when he was looking for ways to customize his blog. Later on, he moved to professional blogging, then to freelancing, and from there to starting rtCamp in 2009. At rtCamp, he started popular projects such as EasyEngine which are used on 100,000 sites.

At work, Rahul plays multiple roles, right from sales to sysadmin, and everything else!

Over the years, Rahul has contributed to the WordPress and open source community in different ways, most notably as speaker, event organizer, and a developer.



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