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College of Engineering, Pune., Pune

COEP FOSSMeet‘19 is College of Engineering, Pune’s own Free and Open Source Software event. It is jointly organised by Computer and IT department, COEP, COEP’s Free Software Users Group (COFSUG) and COEP’s - Information and Cyber Security Research Group (COEP - ICSRG).

With a vision to promote the culture of openness, innovation, and freedom, the meet intends to bring together FOSS developers, academicians, researchers, students and all those who love the FOSS movement and provide an opportunity to all technophiles out there to participate in the FOSS development and adoption process through hands-on sessions, discussions and lectures.

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Contact Us:
Omkar Jadhav : 9405333642
Vikrant Ghatkar : 9834079157
Organising Team, COEP FOSSMeet‘19

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Ravishankar Rajagopalan


Business Algorithms

Submitted Feb 12, 2019

This 2 hour session is a part of our program meant for developers, which has been delivered in some top companies. It looks at algorithms needed by businesses/used by enterprises, goes beyond the basics, and will be useful for just about everyone who will program (which is almost everyone who’s studying science/engineering or even commerce today). We will tune the content to suit budding developers/students in general.


Solving real world problems - algorithms needed by developers and industry (business in general)

Getting hands-on (with one of them in each part of this series): Developing code in Python, understanding use cases (and when not to use), pros and cons



Basic understanding of programming Python^: lists, dictionary - iterating over loops etc.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

Python 3.x and an editor of your choice

^Please note this is a hands-on session, participants need to have a PC/get their laptop. We will cover in Python since it’s popular, participants can code in a language of their choice (provided they can debug themselves)

Speaker bio

The instructor’s career in the IT industry spans more than 20 years. He has designed and developed software for reputed product companies including Cisco and Hitachi, as also some tech services companies and startups. His areas of work include storage networking, systems software, embedded software, mobile and enterprise applications. He also conducts training’s for professionals & corporates, more as a hobby. He has also been helping professionals at various tech forums – in 2017 & 2018, he ranked in top 20% at StackOverflow, a popular forum used extensively by experienced software professionals. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at The instructor works for Cralina (


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Rahul Bansal

Careers in WordPress and open-source at large!

Sometime ago open-source looked at as a backup career choice. Companies using proprietary tools used to pay more and were more attractive for overall perks and benefits. more

12 Feb 2019