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COEP FOSSMeet’19 is College of Engineering, Pune’s own Free and Open Source Software event. It is jointly organised by Computer and IT department, COEP, COEP’s Free Software Users Group (COFSUG) and COEP’s - Information and Cyber Security Research Group (COEP - ICSRG).

With a vision to promote the culture of openness, innovation, and freedom, the meet intends to bring together FOSS developers, academicians, researchers, students and all those who love the FOSS movement and provide an opportunity to all technophiles out there to participate in the FOSS development and adoption process through hands-on sessions, discussions and lectures.

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Ankit Gadgil


Building your own Software Architecture

Submitted Feb 12, 2019

Starting a new project or reviewing the architecture of an existing one, this session may help you make the right decisions.
We will capture and go through a list of checkpoints and considerations that should be made when starting to work on architecture of a project, planning, drafting a solution and execution of the same.
Useful to developers, product owners, and architects involved in a project to ensure that they are taking a comprehensive view of a project when considering the impacts both within and without.
The talk is ~50 mins long.
10 mins reserved for Questions.


  • Brief about Software Achitecture
  • New Features
  • Project values
  • Drafting a Solution
  • Assumptions and Considerations
  • Sign off/Check in


Projector and mic

Speaker bio

Ankit Gadgil is an Open Source enthusiast who believes in Privacy by design. He is an open web advocate who believes the web should be equally accessible to all for equal opportunity.
He likes engineering software through comprehensive architecture and design.
Ankit is a mozilla community mentor, mozilla Reps Peer and a tech speaker.
As a day job he contributes code at Red Hat and enjoys working with Python and JS. While travelling he enjoys reading books and has a keen interest in the history of the place he is visiting.
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