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Vaibhav K. Kurhe


Exploring Git - from inside out (Workshop)

Submitted Feb 8, 2018

It will be a hands-on workshop on Git - a quite popular version control system.
The workshop is aimed at giving participants, the knowledge and hands-on experience of Git, so that they should be able to work collaboratively on any project in future, using Git.
Anybody, curious enough to know and understand Git, is most welcome to attend the workshop.


The primary objective of this workshop is to let participants understand Git through hands-on experience. So I will come up with a repository(of a C program), already uploaded on Github and initially ask participants to clone it on their machines. Then, depending on the number of people attending the workshop, I would form a group of 3-4 participants and ask them to collaboratively work on the cloned project. I would give them a sequence of tasks to be performed on the repository, which would cover all the essential commands(operations) in Git. The workshop would end with everybody having their own fork of the repository (mentioned above) on their Github accounts and that repository will represent their collaborative work.
I would need around 4-5 hours, to complete the workshop with the right spirit.


Every participant should carry a laptop (preferably with GNU/Linux installed in it) and having internet connectivity. Lab PCs would also work for those having no laptops.
I would require a projector during the workshop.

Speaker bio

Vaibhav is a COEP alumnus and a FOSS enthusiast, currently working at BTCI, as a software developer. He has worked on free and open source projects, which(of course)required an ability to collaborate with other developers effectively, using Git. The one (FOSS project) he has contributed to, during his final year at COEP is - GNUKhata(, which involved an extensive use of various Git functions. He believes he has good enough knowledge & experience of the practical problems(related to collaborative development & Git in particular) an individual is likely to face, in the world of FOSS.


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