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Rahul Bedarkar


Buildroot - Making Embedded System Easy

Submitted Feb 8, 2018

Buildroot is simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation.

This talk will help existing users of Embedded system to automate the build process of their embedded linux system, make it easier and fully reproducible, benefit from thousands of pre-existing packages and create custom Linux systems perfectly adapted to their products.

Audience will be beginners or existing users of Embedded Linux System.


I will try to include following topics:

  • Introduction to Buildroot
  • Managing and building the configuration
  • Buildroot source and build trees
  • Toolchains in Buildroot
  • Managing the Linux kernel configuration
  • Root filesystem
  • Integrating new packages
  • Analyzing the build
  • Open source compilance
  • Buildroot community: getting support and contributing

I will try to existing available material e.g.


Participants may bring laptop and raspberry pi (prefered 3 model b). This may help with trying Buildroot in Raspberry Pi. But it is not really required.

Speaker bio

Rahul is interested in embedded system with GNU/Linux, application development, device drivers and porting hardware for Linux Kernel.

He is contributor of Buildroot Open Source Project and also contributed to notable Open Source projects like Linux Man-Pages, Linux Kernel, uClibc, glib, MTD utils, wget, gst-plugins-good and many more. He is also maintainer of Creator Ci40 DTS for Mainline Linux Kernel project.

He is passionate and supporter of Free Software.

He currently works for HARMAN International as a Senior Software Engineer.

Linkedin Profile:

Open source Contributions:


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